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Chronicles of Chance

17 December
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~Long After Midnight, on a Night Like This~
~I Sit by my Blacklight and Dream of Your Kiss~


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Date Created:02/01/2002
Number of Posts: 767

Jon is a bit of a darkling. Music is the most important thing to him and he has a wide and varied taste throughout the music spectrum. He doesn't believe that he falls into any set image genre (though he is not naive enough to deny said genres exist), but feels perhaps he should fall not too far from the Goth Tree. .
Strengths: Jon is a master at keeping things inside, which adds a constant air of mystery to him even to those who know him best. He is a good friend and will listen when you are sad and in need of someone.
Weaknesses: He has an obsession with correct grammar and spelling and tends to loathe people who don't even attempt to be correct at either. He is also very impatient with stupid people and people with no manners. If you dislike pedants compulsive people or perfectionists, he is probably one to stay away from. Also, try not to fall in love with him.
Special Skills: Is quite good at writing melodies and has basic keyboard, guitar vocal skills. Also has a lot of drive and will become famous even if he has to kill for it.
Weapons: Heart. Guitar. Voice. Stereo.
Motto: *whatever does not destroy me only makes me stronger*

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