~ºChanceºxX~ (blaag) wrote,

Of "yipes" and "holy crap"

So many long-term couples close to me have broken up in the last month, it's insane.
I'm trying my best to be there and support them, as I am really, REALLY worried about some of them, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also doing it for other reasons.
Spending my time worrying about and comforting these people as much as I possibly can is actually taking my mind off of my own heartbreak, and gives me something else to think about, and I've got to say it's a welcome escape from the thoughts that have plagued me until this point. It sort of feels like I have a kind of purpose again, a reason to be here. Something GOOD to do in the masses of free time that replaced the time when I would have been... well, no need to go there again.
Does this make me a bad person? I feel weird using the suffering that other people are going through to partially escape my own, but on the other hand I haven't caused it and I am genuinely trying to help soothe their pain in any way I can.
Why does it all feel so... odd..?
The world truly has descended into chaos.

To my friends that are suffering loss, I love you all very much. Please hang in there.
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